Know More about Swasthavritta & Yoga

Swasthavritta & Yoga

Diseases associated with our life style is one of the global pandemic crisis currently. All the medical streams are offering various types of treatment options to these lifestyle diseases however Ayurveda Medical Science has become one of the best options, as it can handle ailments in a holistic manner which is founded upon the principles of prevention and cure. Promotion, Regulation, Improvement, Modulation and Enhancement of personal and social health is the PRIME service we provide in this department.

Department of Swasthavrtta deals with :

    • Social and preventive health
    • Provides elaborate guidelines and regimens on diet
    • Habits and lifestyle on the basis of diurnal
    • Season
    • Age
    • Constitution of individual and geographical residence.

Yoga and naturopathy are practiced to enhance the treatment protocols.