Know More about Department of Kaumarabhritya (Pediatric)

Kaumarabhritya (Pediatric)

Introduction To Kaumarabhritya

Kaumarabhrthya is the branch which deals with Balacikitsa (pediatric health care). Kaumarabhritya one of the eight specialist branches of Ayurveda dealing with neonatology and pediatrics. It provides complete child health care with focus on nutrition, immunity and all-round development of children from 0-16 yrs of age. And also deals with healthy upbringing of infants , cure for diseases of infants . . It also deals with the topics of wet- nurse, disorders of breast milk and its treatment, diseases in children caused by consumption of vitiated breast milk and by affliction of grahas along with their treatment. It includes antenatal care and post natal care because childhood is a critical period in development as rapid gain in physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional domains constitutes the “building blocks” of children’s later growth.

Aims of Kaumarabhritya

Kaumarabhritya department aims at improving the health of the children across the globe with upliftment of future population .

  1. To improve uninterrupted growth and development of body .
  2. A kaumarabhrityagya (Ayurveda pediatrician) carries the responsibility of looking towards all the parameters affecting the growth and development of a growing child ,and faciliting journey from embryonic stage to becoming an adult without obstacles.
  3. Department provides an academic and clinical learning experience about the common problem encountered in navajatha shishu, Bala and Kumara that will enable scholars to be competent in Child health care system.
  4. Department also supports creative learning , research activity and community health activities.

Treasures of Kaumarabhritya

There are number of diseases and many more emerging in day by day put the pediatric population at big threat .Disease with no cure ,with fatal out comes ,with worst clinical progression are better target through preventive Ayurveda.

  1. Ayurvedic new born care

  2. Swastha vritta adoption at the earliest stage of life

  3. Planning a healthy lifestyle

  4. Immunity strengthening the immune system

  5. Samskara and their implementation in a possible way in population

  6. Yoga in children

  7. Sadvritta for preventing behavioural disorders

  8. Panchakarma in children for health promotion

Observing the treatment part, effective ayurvedic treatment in Kerala  in many disease will help to save the child from various disease.

  1. Respiratory disorders
  2. GI aliments
  3. Skin disorders
  4. Behavioural & psychological disorders
  5. Urinary system
  6. Allergy
  7. Neurological disorders
  8. Developmental disorders
  9. Nutrional disorders

       Health of a child is major concern and subject matter of fretfulness for parents as well as for whole family . Childhood is the determinant of the adulthood. A fetus, after developing in the mother’s womb, takes birth as a newborn baby and gradually becomes a man.

It is said that a person with out progeny is like a tree with out branches and fruits serving no purpose in its existence .but if the branches are lame or the  fruits are bitter ,the tree would still be looked down upon by society. More important is that the progeny should be capable both mentally as well as physically to be an active participant  of the society .Todays children are the future of the family as well as the nation .it is our responsibility to provide them with the best care .