Know More about Shalya Tantra in Ayurveda

Shalya Tantra

School of surgery emphasized greatly by Acharya Susrutha, Father of Surgery in Susrutha Samhita opens a wide range of treatment modalities. Even though modern surgery shows advancement, Ayurvedic surgical methods are of immense relevance with high success rates today.

Treatments in Shalya Tantra :-

  • Leeches (jalouka)
  • kshara karma (use of medicated threads and alkalis)
  • Agnikarma (cauterization methods)

And various bloodletting methods can substitute the use of surgical interventions in many scenarios. Fractures are dealt with by this Department with effective bandaging methods.

Ano-rectal clinic is facilitated to deal with cases like arsas (heamarrhoids), parikartika (anal fissures) etc which is one of our specialty. 

Kshara sutras are medicated threads which heals them with minimal chances of recurrences.