Karkidaka Chikitsa or Monsoon Ayurveda Treatment

Karkkitakam is the name of a Malayalam month, which comes in between mid July and mid August. This month comes under Varsha Ritu ( mid June, July, mid August ). This period is considered as the ideal time for rejuvenation therapy; which means purification of body and maitenance of youthfulness.

Ritucharya; which means diet and lifestyle according to a particular season is an inevitable regimen , we must follow in order to maintain our health and to prevent the disease. In Varsha Ritu, a few factors like Agni ( digestive fire ), Shareerabala ( physical strength ) and Vyadhikshamatwa ( immunity ) are in its poor state, so that diseases easily catch hold. In order to prevent such situation, internal medication and external treatments are given to improve digestive fire, physical strength, and immunity.

Another prime factor is that, the role of Vata Dosha. Peak stage of Vata is observed in Karkkitaka period. Vata can influence remaining other two Dosha. Hence it should be treated with utmost care n as early as possible.

Both external and internal treatments are found effective in this scenario. Panchakarma Chikitsa holds good. Among Panchakarma, Nirooha Vasti and Anuvasana Vasti ( Rectal enema based on Kashaya and Taila ) are best to tackle Vata Dosha; so that rheumatological conditions, painful joints, loss of strength etc can be cured. Mridu Virechana also can be given to purify the body, thus to attain the healthy state.  

External treatments like Abhyanga ( oil massage ), Udwartana ( powder massage ), Pizhichil ( pouring of medicated oil / Kashaya etc over body ), Kizhi Prayoga ( Elakkizhi, Narangakkizhi, Njavara Kizhi, Podi Kizhi ), Shirodhara, Shiropichu etc are used to pacify the disease. Which is also helpful in maintaining the healthy state. With the external treatment, internal medications are also needed based on the disease, nature of the patient, Dosha involved, age of the patient etc.

The role of Karkkitaka Kanji ( Medicated Gruel ) :

A gruel is prepared by adding Shasthtika Shaali ( Njavara Rice ), green gram, horse gram, broken wheat and drugs like dry ginger, pepper, cumin seeds, cardamum, , asafoetida etc. This gruel is carminative in nature, supports the digestive system, provide nutrition hence increases the body strength  and brings back immunity power. This gruel can cleanse the body through the elimination of waste products. Thus , it’s a magical gruel which does a ‘multi task’.