Foot Ulcer Treatment in Ayurveda

Foot ulceration Is among the most common health Issue and major cause of amputations, particularly in patients with uncontrolled diabetes.


ulcer Is a discontinuation of skin or mucus membrane which occur due to microscopic death of tissue.

-Leg ulcer are one of the important topic in surgery as they can occur in children, adult and old people ,no age is Spared, no sex spared

-Chronic Ulcers in old people definitely cause considerable morbidity and diabetic ulcer of leg can cause life threatening complication such as diabetic ketoacidosis and septicemia


1. Venous

2. Arterial

3. Mixed -arterial & venous

4. Neuropathic – Diabetes

5. connective tissue disorder-Vasculitis

6. Infective – Tuberculosis

7. Malignancy

8. Trauma


1. Proper foot care: Regularly wash & inspect your feet for any Signs of injury or infection 

2. Dabetes management:control blood sugar level and maintain a healthy lifestyle

3. Foot wear: Wear comfortable, well fitting shoes and avoid high heels or shoes that put excessive pressure on specific areas of the foot

4. Regular chekups: People at risk especially those with diabeties or circulatory problems should have regular foot exams

5. Avoid smoking :Smoking can impair blood flow to the periphery 


In Ayurveda, the traditional system of medicine from India, the treatment of foot ulcer involves a holistic approach that focus on balancing body, mind spirit .

Ayurveda explains shasti upakrama as treatmant for ulcers, some of them are:

Raktha mokshana – It is adviced in Ulcers of recent onset inoder to mitigate pain and ripening

Even in wound and ulcers which are hard, darker, containing blood, painful, deep and uneven ,blood letting is beneficial.

Vamana : for ulcers which have elevation of muscles & those having aggravations of kapha especially & those in wound

where blood is clotted and become  slightly black , emesis therapy is great measure.

Virechana(Purgation) : Experts of wounds opine that in wounds which are vitiated greatly by vata and pitta and in those persisting for long time ,Virechana is beneficial.

Dhupana- Wound which are predominant of vata, severe pain and exudation should be fumigated with smoke of kshouma(linen),

Yava(barley), and ghee along with other dhupana drugs.

Bandaging– By bandaging, the wound becomes purified ,soft and heals without difficulty 

Lepana- Ulcer should be covered with paste of cold potency drugs.Shadhadoutha grutha can be applied often rubbing it in the direction opposite to the hair.Seka and abhyanga should also be done with same drug

Kshara Karma– Wounds which have elevated muscle growth,hard ,itchy , persisting for long time and which are difficult to be purified should be purified by applying of kshara.

Treatments other than above include :
  1. Wound care :- Cleaning the ulcers,removing dead tissue and applying dressings to promote healing and prevent infection .
  2. Offloading:- Relieving pressure on the affected area through the use of specialized footwear,casts or braces to allow the ulcer to heal
  3. Blood sugar control:- For individuals with diabetes,it’s important to manage blood glucose levels to enhance wound healing